Help You Find Cheapest Car Rental In Singapore

Singapore is a small country. Limited space means the Government needs to control the number of cars on the road or else the roads will be packed. This is why Singapore has the highest cost of car ownership in the world.

The public transport system is very developed; As such, some residents only rent a car when it is necessary, like a family outing to several places on the same day.

Car rental for uber Singapore can be cheap and affordable.

But belonging to private car owners who could not afford to keep up with their car loan installments. “So what?”, You may ask. There lies a big hidden danger.

A proper car rental owns its fleet of vehicles, and the fleet is insured by an insurance company which does cover “hire and reward.” Normal private car insurance will not cover “hire and reward,” which exposes you to unlimited liability.

You have rented a car from a car rental for uber Singapore where you are not properly covered for “hire and reward” in the insurance policy, and then you met with a traffic accident which you had caused injuries to a pedestrian.

This is a very big risk! Why would you want risk being made a bankrupt for just renting a car? What’s more, errant car rental companies may not necessarily charge lower rates than properly insured companies!

How to tell whether the car is properly insured for “hire and reward”? The simplest way is to look at the road tax disc of the vehicle. A vehicle registered with Land Transport Authority, Singapore for hire purposes with valid rental insurance coverage will bear the word “MOTORCAR.

Proper car hire insurance would not cover drivers with less than one year of driving experience. Most may not even cover drivers, regardless of their driving experience. So, if you are young, you would be undertaking a very big risk if you drive a rental car because regardless whether it is a proper car rental company or not you will not be covered